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How does it work?

Choose Strength

Good Bacteria products are professional strength probiotic cleaning products designed for use in both commercial and home environments. The first step to cleaning and sanitizing with Good Bacteria products is to choose your dilution strength.

Clean & Sanitize

Following the directions for your specific application, apply a Good Bacteria cleaner (solution + water dilution) and simply apply to your project.

Enjoy 72 Hours of Clean

Good Bacteria probiotic products create a beneficial bacteria biofilm on surfaces which keep protecting you for up to 3 days after application.

Cleaning with Probiotics

The #1 benefit to using probiotic cleaning is to maintain a healthy microflora. With healthy microflora, your surface will remain clean and safe from pathogens. 


With Good Bacteria Company Solution, your surface will remain in a healthy state, for 72 hours after the probiotic cleaning is applied.

Probiotics Clean to the Microscopic Level. This means that they removes dirt and breaks down bacterial biofilm to clean to the Microscopic surface level. Disinfectants have troubles penetrating the biofilms that were created to repel them.


Probiotic Odor Control: Odors are often formed by undesirable micro-organisms, Probiotic consumes the odorous bacteria and are  replaced by good bacteria. 


Most importantly Good Bacteria Probiotic Cleaners are actually good for the World. They are Earth Beneficial: 


Good Bacteria Probiotics are 100% natural. 


They actively collaborate into the wastewater treatment. 


Our products are proudly environmentally-enhancing” taking earth-“friendly” to the next level.

Good bacteria probiotics are non-toxic & earth beneficial. They are safe enough to clean dental appliances like mouthguards. 


No allergic reactions or chemical risks for the humans.


Unlike many of the chemical cleaners and disinfectants, the probiotic products are safe to use for Everyone. Protective gloves, masks and clothing are not required.

No.  Microorganisms cannot become resistant to other microorganisms. They can only become resistant to CHEMICALS that threaten them. There are no biocidic chemicals in the probiotic cleaning, therefore there is NO RESISTANCE.

Cleaning with Probiotics is similar to most regular cleaning. 

Spray and wipe. No need to wipe it dry. Unlike chemicals, probiotics stays present to protect the surface for 3-5 days after applying.

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Good Bacteria’s range of probiotic cleaning solutions are a cost-effective way to clean, sanitize and deodorize large spaces. Our products can be found in both homes and commercial spaces. Learn more about bulk purchases via wholesale or becoming a Good Bacteria stockist.